Bore Vukmirovica 14a, Zvezdara, Beograd
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Let's return
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Free membership fee

We are proud of the fact that we are the only football school in Belgrade where players do not pay membership fees


The “Training Plus” football school is intended for children aged 7 to 10 years.


“Training Plus” organizes trainings at the foothills of the Star Trek at FC Mladi Mabat Stadium, 29 Pante Sreckovic Street. During the winter, trainings are held at the Flavium Sports Hall at 14a Bore Vukmirovica Street.

In the name of the joy of the game!

The goals of football school

Free trainings

– The main goal is to provide quality working conditions for as many talented children as possible.
– When all costs are added up: membership fees, equipment, preparation, tournaments and so-called supporting costs – parents have to spend between 8000 and 15000 RSD per month
– We want to bring back the football of the old value of game and skill development. There is certainly no shortage of talent.

Additional selection of boys and girls

– For the last twelve months, we have invested knowledge, time and love into the project, and the children have returned to us many times – with their joy over the opportunity to play football
– About 30 kids have attended the free football school so far, and our goal is to increase this number many times over.
– We believe that with the support of other factors of society (economy, municipality, city) we will provide the means to continue our work on an even larger scale.

Quality training process

– “Training Plus” football school, in addition to free training, is recognizable for its professional work – we provide our children with a quality training process.
– In our school of football with children are professors of sports and senior, football coaches of the Faculty of Sport and Physical Education, University of Belgrade.
– The main goal of our training process is not to defeat an opponent – but to develop the motor skills of children, and to train them to learn and develop the technique of football.
– Kids should have fun in training, they should be given attention, allowed to make mistakes, and ask them to keep trying, regardless of the outcome.

Let's get the game back

– Children in football of the day, from the age of seven, have competitions, in which the result is the main goal.
– In the opinion of developmental psychologists, when children participate in competitions that are not aligned with their developmental capabilities, there may be negative, psychological consequences for their personal and social development.
– Our goal is to release children from the pressure, which imposes a result in the process of developing a football skill.
– Children are less and less on playgrounds, alienated from nature and from each other. The game has been replaced by video games.
– With all this in mind, we must do our best not to deny our children playing on football fields.
– What do medals and cups mean to us at this age if our children are untrained, insecure and under constant pressure because of fears of “failure”?

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  • Any honor for something like this seems completely unrealistic, go ahead !!!

    Milan Stanojkovic
  • What to say besides all the praise, I didn’t have the opportunity to enroll a kid in football because really financially I can barely push a month, just let this last as long as possible.

    Slobodan Trajkovic